Speak Life

Speak Life into your very life. If our thoughts become things then I must change what it is that I think about. For the same way I got here I can get can and will be how I get out of here. With that being said the very least I can do is try because I know I think a lot of negative thoughts even though I really don’t want to and I can say I have had more negative than positive out about. Therefore, I choose to speak life into every area of my life.

I speak wholeness into my spirit, soul, heart and mind. I am in perfect harmony with the Universe to accept all good things unto myself. The spirit within me knows and loves peace. I give love to all those that are around and I receive much more from them. I am a magnet for my soul mate. I am drawn to him and he to me. The Universe is conspiring to bring us face to face and heart to heart tonight. We will allow love to be our hearts guide. My mind is able to envision clearly and in accurate detail the very things I want to attract to my life. I see my soul mate coming to me to comfort me and be here for me in this time. I see my soul mate Tony M. P. Williamson Sr. knocking on my door and wrapping his arms around me whispering that he is here for me. I ask the Universe to bring about the very things I think about in rapid time.

I speak life into my being. I am always happy. I have happiness that no one can steal. Joy overflows from my heart, spilling through out every crevice of who I am and into every area of my life. I make others smile and people make me smile. I know that my life is a reflection of true love and laughter. I am so grateful for all things in my life for they shape a better me tomorrow.

I am smart, qualified, determined, and very productive in my college courses, my job, in my businesses, and in my home. I am a honor student. I am an achiever of accolades. Everything I do financially brings about great gain I . My bank account are overflowing; prosperity is attached to me. I have a great home that people find comfort and solace in. I make good friends. With those I encounter I leave positive lasting impressions. I am forgiving of others and others forgive me easily. I reflect good things because I am everything good.

The law of attraction works. I know I attract all good this and I magnify what I want from the universe into being. I am focused on bringing about all good things into my life and the life of my soul mate. I am beautiful and I am vibrant. My family is blessed because of the law of attraction in my life. There is so much abundance in my life that I freely give to others expecting nothing in return. All that I desire is mine…





One thought on “Speak Life

  1. Its not just the law of attraction. It is also how you seek. When you desperately seek something or someone you often cannot find it.. But when you let go and pursue happiness on your own terms, and work hard just for the joy of personal satisfaction, it is a magnet that draws to you that which will you would have otherwise missed. Great piece!


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